Nail Wrap Instructions

Prep - Peel - Press!


❤️ Do NOT use a quick dry top coat. For Recommended Tops Coats -Click Here
❤️ I have found I get best results when wraps are applied before bed and then apply a top coat in the morning for a beautiful finish. Especially with french manicure styles. Check the FAQ's
❤️ Do NOT peel your nail wraps off when you are ready to remove them. Use nail polish remover. (If you cannot use nail polish remover, message me for instructions.)
❤️  Wash Hands before you start the process below.
❤️ If the wrap starts to lift, often pressing them back down solves the problem.


Clean Your Nails... First lets remove any oil or dirt from our nails with nail polish remover. (Rubbing alcohol can also be used if you are not currently wearing any nail polish.)

Apply a Base Coat... And let it dry. This is optional, however some have found wraps last longer with a good clear base coat that helps the polish stick! Especially if you have oily nail beds. (Not to be confused with a top coat.) I am fairly ruff on my nails and I skip this step. So use your free test set to experiment.

Pick the Right Size... Match your nail to the nail wrap that fits best. When choosing the best size it is better to pick a size slightly smaller. If the wrap extends past your nail you leave room for oil/dirt to get underneath the wrap and that will shorten the life of your polish.

Remove Clear Cover... This is always tricky. It is best to start at the tab and remove the clear, protective, coating from there.

Remove Nail Sticker... Please only touch the tab end of the nail wrap. Oils from our hands can affect the sticky parts and then it won't stick as well.

Lay Down Wrap... This part always fascinates me. Line up the nail wrap to just above the cuticle and it will start to levitate to your nail. Don't ask, it's definitely voo-doo. 

Press... By using the heat from your fingertips, press down the nail wrap in the center of the nail and then apply firm pressure on the edges.

Press some more... GENTLY, gently, use your cuticle pusher to press down the edges of your wrap. You can also SLIGHTLY stretch the edges (not far), if the nail wrap is slightly smaller than your nail bed. 

File...  Fold down the excess nail wrap. In a DOWNWARD motion file off the excess wrap from the end of your nail.

Top Coat... Not mandatory, but beautiful! If you want your nails to last, last. This step makes all the difference. Don't forget to put a little on the tip of your nail. I love gel "like" top coat. It gives a plumpness to your nail. I even like to add an additional coat after 4 or 5 days to refresh.


If you have any questions or need some assistance just email me!