About Me

Hi! ❤️

I am Tiffany, and that cute little fluff ball is Sir Spencer, a title he certainly deserves. He is a year old now, but I love this picture of us. Thank you, Nuraan for taking it!

So, you might be wondering who I am. Well, I am an American/Swedish entrepreneur, software developer and sales consultant — by profession. But the truth is, you’re not trying to hire me. Thank goodness! I LOVE people, adventure and being self-sufficient. Which brings me to why I started this business. Nothing against stylists. I love the them. My best childhood friend is one — Hi Melissa! However, I am not one to go to the salon and enjoy it. It got so bad that I was either not wearing any nail polish or it was very light so you couldn't see when it started chipping. We have all been there I am sure and it is a waste of money to put it on only to have it start chipping within hours. However, I am on the computer most of my day, looking at my nails and I just want something pretty to look at.

So, I started wearing nail wraps/nail stickers about 10 years ago. I have personally witnessed their evolution from simple nail stickers (hearts, flowers, etc.) to a full range of colors and patterns. However, I found that a lot of them didn’t last, were hard to put on and take off, and some damaged my nails. So when I started working with my manufacturer there were a few conditions. I didn't want a product that would damage my nails (or yours), they need to be safe to use, they should to last at least 10 days, they MUST be easy to put on, and of course, they have to look great! Since I am not producing a ton yet, I am working with the manufacturer's current designs. My friends helped pick out the designs, so I really hope you find something you love!

My goal is to be your nail confidant. The person you trust with your nail secrets. Please feel free to contact me any time with any questions or concerns you might have. I hate saying this, but my spoken Swedish is horrible, but I read Swedish well. So if you are more comfortable writing in Swedish, that is not a problem, just understand that you may have to excuse me butchering the language. But I get better every day!
Thank you for supporting me and Sir Spencer on this new adventure.


Tiffany ❤️