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Long Lasting Manicures in Minutes!!

Tis the Season!

❤  Safe to use. Made using 100% real nail polish. They contain a backing that also ensures they don’t damage your nails!

❤  Vegan, Non-Toxic And Cruelty-Free.

❤ Very durable. 90% of wearers have reported at least 7 days of wear and some over 2 weeks.

❤ Easy to use and Beautiful! I hope you find something you love!

Simply Solids


The wraps are super easy and quick to apply, they look great and last for almost two weeks. And when you are ready for a new design/colour they come off with your regular polish remover.


I am so glad I found this product, they are easy to put on, last weeks without chipping and the designs could not be better! There is also a huge color palette, and range of designs, everything from cute to sophisticated.


Love, Love, Love!! They have been on for 2 weeks!


I am so amazed that the nail polish wraps last much longer than traditional polish!! Also, love when I remove a dark color or glitter, my nail beds are not tinted. Completely hooked!

Nox toxic symbol for nail stickers. Pink outlined circle with text that says non toxic with science beaker and leaves in the middle.
Pink graphic with vegan around the circle. In the middle is a science beaker with leaves placed in it like a vase. Nail Wraps are vegan.
Round pink graphic with Cruelty free around the outside. With a pink bunny in the middle with a heart shaped leg. Nail wraps are cruelty free.

Nail Art

Transparent Designs

Woman wearing fuchsia pink nail polish and dark black nail polish wrap. Whispering to each other about how they love their nails. One has blond hair and one has brown hair.and the other

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